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World Net Labs brings technology and knowledge based solutions to the businesses with a special focus on how to evolve their business models further. At our core, we are passionate technologists who understand how the businesses work and what does it take to achieve success in the ever- evolving 21st century marketplace.

We realize that every dollar counts and we know how to use limited resources most effectively. We expect that when working with us you are committed to a plan that you can clearly articulate, support, and execute on, given the right tools. We are here to fill the gaps.

About Us


Work with people that love entrepreneurship

Fostering entrepreneurship is our motivation and we bring value, innovation, and expertise to your business

Who we are

We are a seasoned technology and business team of agile and lean technologists, purely focused on execution. We combine our technical expertise with the business acumen that you will not get a traditional development shop. We have conceived, built, and helped several businesses in technology and understand the strategic, operational, and marketing nuances that are necessary to launch a business product in a scrappy and efficient manner. We build technology products with business goals in mind.

Our team

Our core team has decades of experience across several ventures. With IIT, IIM alumnus team members, we draw on our experience not only in technology but also across a breadth of industries including gaming, manufacturing, FMCG, fashion, marketing, news media and social media businesses. This diverse foundation allows us to leverage our acumen across a multitude of verticals.


Our team has experience building across the entire technology stack and specializes in web, mobile, and tablet deployments. We are technology and industry agnostic and focus on building scalable solutions that meet your objectives.


First we understand your core business and your customers. From there we work to develop a sound strategy, the key factor to any successful project.


We believe design is more than just making things pretty. We value usability in our products which results in intuitive, beautiful, and unique user journeys and interfaces.


We believe in crafting code, not just writing it. Whether your product is iOS or Android, or any Web technologies we produce high-quality, native software that is built to perform.

Growth Hack Marketing

We have teams which live and breathe digital marketing. Always thinking of the product from the user’s perspective, we recommend the right tools to the business, which will give them maximum impact at the right cost.


Your success is our success

100% Goal Driven

Our team takes a consultative approach to understand your business goals so that we can effectively deliver technology solutions that have the highest likelihood for success. Initially, we will work with your team to map out an execution plan from a technological perspective taking into account a dash of strategy, finance, marketing, and all the other good things necessary to get your project rolling.

Prove your concept

Working with your team, we will think on the problem from all different angles i.e. Usage by consumers, engagement with employees, cost implications, work culture, business evolution over the years, impact on the business revenues among other things. With properly brainstormed product market fit, it always easy for a product to take off in the market or sail smoothly inside with your own company's culture and business model.

Identify the right medium and technology

We do not build technology for technologies sake. Every dollar we save you is another dollar you can use to improve your startup which may even mean that we bill less but increase your likelihood of success. We strongly advocate building lean and agile - quickly responding to what the market dictates. Our team works with you rigorously to ensure that your MVP targets the largest addressable market in the most cost effective manner possible.

Build the team

Working together, our endeavor is always to help evolve your business and build your team and business capabilities. We believe in continuously increasing our partners’ knowledge so that they know about the latest technologies and know-hows and be at the fore-front of their industry consistently.

Preparation and Service

Typically, we execute to deliver a working prototype whether it is for testing in the marketplace in order to prove the concept or to secure your early stage funding or whatever your particular purpose may be. Through the process we also ask the difficult questions to get your startup ready for the challenges that you are likely to face. We draw on our experience as entrepreneurs not only to replicate past successes but to also avoid the pitfalls which are expensive and often mistakes that you may not recover from. We have made these mistakes firsthand and are not afraid admit to them. We'll let you know when a feature may not make sense and why we think so. No other development firm can offer that level of service.

Our Capabilities


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